Telescopic platforms

Telescopic platforms

Extended range and powerful drive: The telescopic platforms produced by WEMO-tec are mainly used in areas having accessibility issues and in rough terrain. The powerful diesel engine in combination with the all-wheel drive, the wide chassis, the large ground clearance and the tires equipped with a coarse profile ensure an ideal climbing ability and off-road mobility; the large legal reach permits a flexible working by offering enormous stability without the need for the use of any supports.

Telescopic platforms – diesel

Name of the equipmentManufacturerMaximum working height (M) Maximum platform height (M)Maximum platform size (m x m)Maximum lateral range (m)Maximum transport length (m)Transport width (m)Operating height (m)Permissible bucket load (kg)Maximum empty weight (kg)Drive
TD 157.23 ¹ ⁴ ⁷Genie15,7013,701,80 x 0,9111,208,502,302,502277.248Diesel
TD 158.23 ¹ ⁴ ⁷Skyjack15,8013,801,83 x 0,9112,108,802,302,402277.552Diesel
TD 159.23 ¹ ⁴ ⁷Aichi15,9013,901,85 x 0,8012,707,562,302,432508.200Diesel
TD 160.23 ¹ ⁴ ⁷JLG16,0214,042,44 x 0,9612,728,912,442,472708.025Diesel
TD 160.25 ¹ ⁴ ⁷ ⁹Genie15,5613,562,44 x 0,9111,027,372,492,514547.075Diesel
TD 218.25 ¹ ⁴ ⁷Genie21,8019,802,44 x 0,9117,109,502,492,7222712.880Diesel
TD 221.24¹ ⁴ ⁷Skyjack22,1020,101,83 x 0,9117,4010,302,402,6022713.110Diesel
TD 230.24¹ ⁴ ⁷Aichi23,0021,001,80x 0,7518,8011,572,432,6422714.700Diesel
TD 401.25 ¹ ⁴ ⁷Genie40,1538,152,44 x 1,8324,3814,252,493,0722720.938Diesel
TD 432.25 ¹ ⁴ ⁷ ⁹Genie43,1541,152,44 x 0,9127,4313,282,493,0545421.719Diesel
TD4K 218.26 ¹ ⁴ ⁷ Genie21,8018,802,44 x 0,9117,709,422,592,7722712.226Diesel

¹ All-wheel drive, ⁴ Pendulum axis, ⁷ 2D bucket arm, ⁹ Increased bucket load

Weight and dimensions vary according to the manufacturer and the respective series.


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