Work and safety scaffolding

Work and safety scaffolding

A variable scaffolding system for the most diverse applications

Ensuring safe work on the facades and roofs of buildings and the protection of buildings and passers-by are the main aims of scaffolding construction. WEMO-tec offers for these versatile application areas special work and protection scaffolding. This scaffolding is erected as a system construction.


Convince yourself of the many possibilities for using work and protection scaffolding:

  • The widest range of width and load classes.
  • The many combination possibilities of the system construction are endless.
  • You can reach all types of floor plans and facades without any problem - also structured with protrusions and recesses.
  • Protective scaffolding not only offers protection to the tradesmen, but also to the passers-by.
  • Keep doorway and driveways free, warranting the unrestricted use of the building.
  • If only hot-dip galvanised steel is used, you will also obtain fire protection class A1.
  • The scaffolding constructions can also be laid out as hanging scaffolding.

Would you like further information regarding the different types of work and protective scaffolding? Just give us a call. Tell us your application area - we will have the matching scaffolding for you.


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