Special accessories

Special accessories

The area of special accessories comprises a wide range of accessories for mini and special fitting cranes, which all are available for individual hire. 


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Heavy duty undercarriages

With the GKS heavy duty undercarriages, moving heavy objects of up to 4.0 t total weight is a breeze.


Magnetic lifter

Using the functional magnetic lifter, our mini cranes, for instance can lift metal plates weighing 600 kg.

Carriageway slabs

The high quality carriageway slabs enable the transport of our machines over rough, impractical terrain.

Traverses and lifting tools

Traverses with adjustable rotating swivel hooks and load capacities of up to 5 t, together with our chain hoists with a carrying capacity of between 1.0 and 3.0 t, complete our offer.

Aluminium ramps

Use our aluminium ramps, for instance to put our machines in place.