To enable you to make full use of the capabilities of the telescopic fork lifts, we offer a large range of accessories for the machines. All accessories can also be hired on their own if required.


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Safety cage (up to 1 000 kg)

Rotierende Teleskopstapler können, mit einem Personenkorb erweitert, auch als Arbeitsbühne eingesetzt werden. Eine Arbeitsbühne bis 1.000 kg Tragkraft steht in unserem Mietpark für Sie zur Verfügung.

Girder mast boom with winch PT2000 (up to 2 000 kg)

When using this girder mast boom with winch, you have longer reach paired with the practical winch function. Thus, you can pick up loads safely, transport them and put them down at the required position.

Telescopable girder mast boom with winch PT800 (up to 800 kg)

With the telescopable girder mast boom, you have variable reach (adjustable between 4.00 and 7.00 m) and can also lift heavy loads of up to 800/1 000 kg (extended/retracted).

Girder mast boom
(up to 3 000 kg)

With the hook fitted to the girder mast boom, correspondingly high reach is possible. The girder mast booms are configured according to weight classes and lengths.

(up to 5 000 kg)

You can bring your loads safely and easily to where you need them, using our telescope fork lifts and the hook.

Particulate filter system

For the application of our rotating telescope fork lifts, we offer particulate filter systems including filter cartridges to be able to keep within the prescribed exhaust gas limits for work in enclosed spaces.

Excavator shovel
(1 m³)

Hire our telescopic fork lift with the practical excavator shovel and use it for the most diverse purposes.

(up to 5 000 kg)

With the hydraulic winches as accessory, the telescopic fork lift turns into a crane. By doing this, you extend the range of applications of our telescopic fork lifts.

Crane hook “L-shape”

Using the 90° angled hook, you have the opportunity to lift the loads safely and precisely even at low room heights using the telescope fork lift with the extra hook height.

Telescopable crane
hook 5 t

The reach can be extended to your requirements using the mechanically telescopable crane hook. With the rotating swivel hook, you can secure your loads safely and lift them to the required position.