Temporary roofs

Temporary roofs

Bridge temporary bottlenecks with temporary roofing

They make short-term and medium-term building and refurbishment measures possible as temporary solutions:

Temporary roofs can be used for a large variety of buildings and structures. 

Using temporary roofs has a lot of advantages:

  • In combination with corrugated metal sheets, girder constructions cover the most diverse building parts and structures.
  • A span of up to 27.1 m with tension strap makes it possible to create large roofs.
  • The sturdy constructions withstand snow loads, depending on the span, of up to 75 kg/m2.
  • It is possible, to create openings in the roof skin at any point. Due to this flexibility, all parts of the building can be easily reached by crane.


Would you like further information regarding the different types of temporary roofs? Just give us a call. Tell us your application area - we will have the matching roof for you.


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