Scaffolding construction

Scaffolding construction

Possibilities as varied as the application areas

Scaffolding is used in many different building and renovating areas. The WEMO-tec possibilities in scaffolding construction are as varied as the areas of application. No matter whether small projects or major projects, short-term or long-term building site, standard or special constructions - as a specialist in scaffolding construction, WEMO-tec offers the right solution of all requirements.

Besides system scaffolding, we design and realise also special solutions, for instance for complicated sacred and historical buildings. Furthermore, a diverse building site service with a wide range of building sites accessories rounds off the service offer.

Here you will find the right scaffolding, just as you specifically want it.


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We are prequalified!

Since February 2009, we have been added to the list of the prequalified firms at the Verein für die Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen (Association for prequalification of firms in the building trade).

A prequalification has benefits for both the customer and the contractor. Public authorities awarding contracts must, for instance, only award contracts to firms, which have the necessary specialist knowledge, performance and reliability and also have the necessary technical and financial means to carry out the respective contract successfully. This verification of suitability can be carried out either by filling in forms and giving single references, or by using the prequalification. If the tenderer is prequalified, he can simply state his registration number and the awarding authority can use this number to check online at, whether the tenderer is suitable for the service to be contracted.

This procedure is now not only used as standard by public authorities to check tenderers for their suitability, but commercial and private awarding authorities and architects and engineering companies are also happy to use this possibility to select firms for these restricted tenders.

Under the registration number 110.000099, we are prequlified for the following performance areas:

511.02 – Scaffolding construction: Work and safety scaffolding

In the area of scaffolding construction, we can carry out all services of every order size correctly and reliably. Of course, we can show detailed references on request.