Goods and passenger lifts

Goods and passenger lifts

Work comfortably and time-saving with WEMO-tec goods and passenger lifts

Work comfortably and save time with WEMO-tec goods and passenger lifts. The lifts are available, for instance, with a carrying capacity of up to 2 000 kg and are convincing with their easy handling and high operating security.

The GEDA 300Z is a pure goods lift. With its large load area, it transports materials with a weight of max. 300 kg to heights of a max. of 50 m.

The GEDA 500Z is also a pure goods lift with a transport height of up to 100 m and a max. carrying capacity of 500 kg. Loading and unloading takes place via a secure, load bay of the lift, which can be swivelled by 90°.

With the GEDA 500Z/ZP, you can transport up to 500 kg (5 persons + load) or alternatively 850 kg of material to a max. height of 100 m.

If you have particularly heavy loads (up to 2 000 kg) or max. 7 persons + load (1 500 kg), the GDA 1500 Z/ZP is right for you. On its up to 4.35 m large load bay, even large, heavy items can be transported to a height of up to 100 m.


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