Elevating work platforms

Elevating work platforms

Hire work platforms, fork lifts and cranes quickly and reliably

WEMO-tec offers you more than 70 different types of elevating work platforms, which are available to you at a favourable price. Telescopic fork lifts, mini cranes and vacuum glass carriers for fitting panels/glass can also be found in our hire fleet.

Whenever your way is up, the only way is past us - with our small, manoeuvrable passenger lifts, the battery or diesel operated scissor platforms, trailer-mounted or lorry-based cherry pickers. The WEMO-tec programme always offers you the correct work platform to match your work requirements from more than 300 alternative devices.

To make the choice easier for you, use our work platform configurator, with which you can decide for yourself, which work platform is best suited to your requirements, using the required height, reach, lifting power etc. For more involved projects, our experienced field representatives are available for free on-site consultation.


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One point of contact nation-wide!

As a member of the PartnerLIFT cooperative, WEMO-tec can offer work platforms, cranes and fork lifts nationally and Europe wide.

The PartnerLIFT cooperative is a cooperative of independent, medium-sized work platform hire companies, with at present more than 120 further partners nationally and throughout Europe. As a member, we can always fall back onto the hire machines of our partners and are thus able to service your request reliably as usual.

Therefore, even when the locations are further away, you don’t have to do without your familiar point of contact at WEMO-tec. You will receive your work platforms just as easily and reliably, exactly where you need them and will therefore, have more time to concentrate on your core business.

Due to this cooperation, we are able to offer work platforms, cranes and fork lifts even in times of high demands, or react to urgent requests - no matter where you need them.

Trailer-mounted cherry pickers

Trailer-mounted cherry pickers are an effective alternative to our lorry-based cherry pickers, although there are restrictions in terms of mobility. Trailer-mounted cherry pickers have a relatively light and compact construction and therefore, are very suitable for work in difficult to reach areas and on delicate ground.

  • Working height up to 18.60 m.
  • Electric and diesel powered
  • Low net weight and compact build

Telescopic articulated work platforms

Telescopic articulated work platforms are efficient time savers when working at greater heights. Due to the articulation joint in the telescopic arm, they are ideally suited for spanning obstacles, such as porches or machines. They work without support and can be also adjusted in height from the basket.

  • Electric and diesel powered
  • Can be moved from the basket without support
  • Large sideways reach
  • Small and compact built for narrow application areas.

Lorry-based cherry pickers

Lorry-based cherry pickers are optimally suited to work in greater heights. The cherry pickers can be collected at our depots or hired complete with one of our experienced operators.

  • Large sideways reach
  • Ideal mobility and fast change of sites

Scissor platforms

Scissor work platforms are the faster, more flexible and cheaper alternative to mobile scaffolding for fitting on walls and ceilings. Scissor platforms are suitable for use indoors and outdoors and can also be moved while fully extended.

  • Working height up to 21.50 m.
  • Electric and diesel powered
  • Large work platforms and high carrying capacity
  • Compact models for tight spaces indoors

Telescopic booms

Telescopic booms are efficient time savers for work in greater heights. They work without support and can be also adjusted in height from the basket. Therefore, they are ideally suited to the efficient targeting of various work points without the time consuming “up and down”.

  • Working height of up to 23 m
  • Can be moved from the basket without support
  • Large sideways reach

Telescopic platform

The telescopic platform is a mix of scissor platform and telescopic work platform, and is ideally suited for work in the structural facings sector. With the large platform and the telescope, an area of 170 m² can be clad while using the machine without moving it. 

  • Working height of up to 15 m
  • Very large platform (13 m²)
  • Maximum load 1 000 kg
  • All wheel drive, pendle axle and levelling system

Vertical platform lifts and personnel lifts

Vertical platform lifts and personnel lifts are safe alternatives to ladders and small mobile scaffolding, particularly when working indoors and at lower heights. Some of the mobile work platforms can be moved from the platform and are thus far superior to conventional technology in terms of safety and efficiency.

  • Working height up to 12.00 m.
  • Low own weight < 1000 kg
  • Compact and mobile for tight spaces
  • Battery operated for quiet working