Crane licence

Crane licence

It also applies here: The employer is responsible for the safety of his employees and must offer and perform the appropriate training courses / instruction.

Based on the statutory accident and insurance regulations (BGV D6) and principles (BGG921), in connection with the VDI Guideline 2194, we offer training courses for users of Mini crane, truck loader cranes and/or indoor cranes.

The two-day seminar is separated into a theoretical (first day) and a practical (second day) day. After successfully completing the test, the crane licence is issued in accordance with BGV D6.

The test includes, among other things:

  • Accident prevention regulations
  • Operating regulations, safety rules
  • Models, crane construction types
  • Drive technology
  • Handling loads, working with load tables
  • Practical exercises
  • Theoretical test and practical individual tests using cranes

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